Garhauer Provides 10 year guarantee on all their products Garhauer Provides 10 year guarantee on all their products Garhauer Provides 10 year guarantee on all their products Garhauer Provides 10 year guarantee on all their products Garhauer Provides 10 year guarantee on all their products Prism Polish Cleans - Polishes - Protects

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Garhauer Testimonials

We often get reviews and letters from those who use the garhauer gear. Here are just a few:


"We have now replaced all our blocks, genoa cars, boom vang and main traveller with Garhauer, brilliant. We have not had one gear failure this year from hardware. The Garhauer gear is made a little more robust than the other brands and is designed perfectly for cruisers looking for a long, trouble free life"
--Lyn and John Martin, Directors, Island Cruising Association SY

S.V. Max Grody II

I have recently returned to Southern California having completed a ten year, 50,000 mile plus circumnavigation in my Tayana 55 cutter, Max Grody II. I equipped the boat with, Series 40 through Series 70 blocks, either stainless steel, Unibody or Lite design. Your blocks have performed flawlessly on the traveler, main boom, running backstays, spinnaker mast head and in other applications on the boat. In addition, you built a custom Garhauer rigid boom vang you made for me in 1997.

Our extensive blue water cruising under all kinds of demanding conditions demonstrated Garhauer’s quality and reliability again and again. In New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and in the Med your innovative block design was admired by many and I was asked repeatedly: “How can I get those beautiful blocks?”. All of your hardware on the Max Grody II is still in great shape after 50,000+ miles.

My only concern is that what do I do now as the unconditional 10 year guarantee dates stamped on my blocks have all expired. All kidding aside, your hardware has been superb, and has out performed some major name brands that I still had on the boat.. I congratulate you on your commitment to quality, reliability and service.

I am a big fan of Garhauer. When it comes to marine hardware you do it right!
--Peter Anderson owner of TAYANA 55 "Max Grody 11"


"We saw Garhauer marine hardware at the Auckland Boat Show on the Viaduct, so when it came time to upgrade the blocks on our boat we further investigated the product. We remembered that it was highly polished stainless and very nice looking gear and that it would enhance the visual look of Mandarla. The prices amazed us for the quality and workmanship and we appreciated that it came with a ten year unconditional warranty"
-- Robin and Jacqueline Dudley from SY "MANDARLA", Warwick 50


"We replaced our old Genoa Cars with ones from Garhauer and they are GREAT! Excellent value and top quality. They are so free running and make our sailing much easier"
- John and Wendy Goldsbury, Opua SY "Fairsky" Chico 42


"Garhauer sail handling equipment is just perfect for the job. It performs well, looks great and it's all managed with great service [...] at Gauhauer New Zealand. I couldn't ask for a better result and I'd recommend them to anyone fitting out that special boat."
--John Court SY THEODORA


"Hello Kevin,

Thank you so much for coming to Marsden Cove to have a look at our problematic situation.

We appreciated the time spent, the sense of service and the availability of the replacement blocks.

Thank you also to Tom who went out of his way to solve the problem.

We are very impressed."
-- Marc Deborde, M.V. IETA

"Hello Kevin, Superb service, well appreciated from our side."
-- Tom @ IYS Rigging. [Garhauer Agent]