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Suppliers of Team NZ

Ubimaior Italia, Official supplier to Team New Zealand. With a superb range of Racing blocks, furlers and other products to meet the needs of the complementary sailor.

Yacht Club

YC blocks YACHT CLUB is the block range designed for large application for both, cruising and fast cruising sailing yachts.

For its characteristics and load capabilities, the Yacht club range guarantees the high performances usually found in high range products.

This range is developed on a new lay-out that provides for the use of crickets or textile loops. The entire block fits the high standards for resistance and integrity because it is machined from billet. No single element is molded or melted, and the high density aluminum 6082T6 cheeks are used even if they normally are on higher level models.The pulley is machined from billet too, made of derlin, and manufactured by turning. During the turning process a shaped cage is produced using the profile of oversized derlin spheres. Pins, screws and shackles are all made of AiSi 316 steel.
Yacht Club Range


Regata blocks REGATA is the block range designed for competition. It is also very useful on modern fast cruiser yachts, racers and one designs classes.

These blocks can sustain high loads with little friction. Cheeks are made of hard anodized aluminum alloy 6082T6, and they are shaped to allow multiples textile attachment.

REGATA blocks are machined from billet aluminum 6082T6 pulleys, hard anodized. They have TORLON rollers to absorb primary loads, a double derlin ball cage for lateral loads and high strength shackle. They start from 60 mm, diameter and they are offered in HARD BLACK version. There is also a LOW LOAD version with rollers made of DELRIN.
Regata Range

The ULTRA range was born from customized products tested on TP52 yachts. These blocks are light and high load resistant. To save weight they are designed only for textile attachment.

The eVe range has been developed to meet the unforgiving requirements of high performance racing boats. eVe blocks are the answer to the neverending quest for incredible resistance and lightness required by the most demanding professional racing boats and crews. The materials used for the load-bearing components and the particular shell design minimize weight and dimensions while guaranteeing exceptional performance.

X3M Extreme Flight

X3M Extreme blocks X3M Flight is best block for intense uses, primarily designed for ocean race boats.

It works according to the "center load keeping" principle, and is made of aluminum and titanium or aluminum and stainless steel.

The aluminum pulley can rotate with very low friction and is resistant to high static and dynamic loads thanks to the special polymer bearing installed. Small dimensions allow to have a very high ratio weight, pulley diameter and max working load. Easy and quick fixing is guaranteed from unidirectional Dyneema loop. A Stretch fixed to a polymer body works as security system for fixing. X3M FLIGHT blocks are available also in the SNATCH version with opening body and 2 pulleys.
X3M Extreme Flight Range
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